What to expect

Personal therapy is a process which helps a person to look at their personal problems, to help them understand them and arrive at some decisions about what to do about them. It is not advice giving. As a counsellor and psychotherapist I am trained to listen accurately to your concerns in a supportive and accepting way, helping you to develop insight into your problems. My aim is to enable you to develop your own coping skills and strategies using your own resources.

Psychotherapy and Counselling both provide the time and space for you to share and explore whatever you wish in confidence. Generally I see counselling as a shorter term process usually with a specific focus. Psychotherapy works at greater depth enabling you to explore the underlying patterns of relating that you have developed and how these occur in your current life.

In my practice, I use integrative counselling, drawing from both the Person-Centred and the Psychodynamic models and incorporating CBT techniques if and when required.

The way I work depends very much on what you would like to gain from your counselling. I would see our work as a joint collaboration working together towards helping you make sense of your experiences and enable you to increase your confidence to make the decisions you feel are right for you.

The first session is an assessment session as it is the chance for you to assess if I am the right person for you. It also gives me the opportunity to understand what you are looking for and to see if I feel what I can offer will suit you. We can then agree what would be helpful for you. This may be for a set number of sessions – perhaps six or ten – or be left open. I work with people for any length of time according to their needs. This is determined by regular reviews of our work together.